The anti-pollution and antioxidant action of white peony extract is combined with UVA/ UVB filters to both protect and strengthen skin against environmental factors. High protection adapted for moderate through intense sun exposure.

Multi-protection: The protection is ensured by UVA/UVB filters guarding the skin cells and DNA from UV-ray damage, and is completed by the antioxidant action of white peony extract defending the skin against the impact of pollution, while improving the uniformity and radiance of skin tone. SPF 30 is perfect for moderate through intense sun exposure, while SPF 50+ is ideal for sun-sensitive skin and intense sun exposure. Beautifying & caring: The beautifying effect is heightened by the brightening action of vitamin B3, illuminating the skin and reducing dark spots caused by environmental factors. Moreover, hydrolyzed yeast extract stimulates the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid synthesis to create ideal hydration levels.

Perfect blend of chemical and mineral filters: protects skin cells against UVA and UVB radiance White peony extract: antioxidant action to protect skin cells against pollution damage Vitamin B3: reduces age spot formation Hydrolyzed yeast extract: moisturizes the skin by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid