Dermal Fillers
In achieving a refreshed and natural appearance, dermal fillers add volume, lift and re-align facial symmetry. This versatile treatment is most well-known for plumping the lips, enhancing cheekbones, correct fine lines, smoothen deep creases, restore volume and reshape the jawline and chin.
Skin Booster

Representing the beauty industry’s top secret, skin boosters are essential for your skin maintenance, especially when it’s dry and lacklustre. Treatment involves the injection of tiny molecules of a gel-type substance beneath the skin. Effectively, moisture is retained in the gel particle, and thus the overall skin quality is enhanced—a result of plump, firm and brighter skin.

Suitable for any gender, these boosters can be used independently or dependently, as part of an overall treatment programme. Target treatment areas include the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Anti-wrinkle Injections
Left with a softer and more radiant appearance, anti-wrinkle injections help reduce lines and wrinkles with a natural effect. Most popular target areas comprise of the dynamic lines around the eyes and forehead. Nonetheless, lines around the mouth and nose can be minimised, the chin may be smoothened, the jawline and neck bands relaxed, and the brow lines can be emphasized.
Chin Sculpting
The appearance of a double chin can be reduced with the latest treatments such as this non-surgical method which utilizes fat-soluble cosmetic injections. Essentially, fat tissue under the chin is minimised as the elimination of targeted fat cells takes place via injection. A minimum of two treatments would be required, with a four to six week interval. Consultation will be carried out with one of our professional team members to determine suitability.
Lip Enhancement

With the desire to attain lip volume, progress is clear within the lip enhancement industry—ranging from injectables and massages, to devices and plumping products. However, it is in our best beliefs that temporary fillers represent the safest option as uncertainty lies in the future of your facial dynamics. In other words, would permanently plump lips still be as appealing in ten years?

Known as injectable or dermal fillers, the livelihood of these fillers depends on the selection of products and factors unique to you. The use of numbing cream ensures a reduction in any discomfort alongside an approximate of thirty minutes for the overall treatment.

Sweat Reduction Injections

The ultimate solution to struggles of excessive sweating, unsightly underarm stains and avoiding of particular clothes/materials due to uneasy sweat patches. Relief from excessive sweating remains consistent for up to nine months, elevating one’s confidence and comfort without any downtime.

Otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweat production is known to affect both men and women equally. Most commonly treated at the underarms, results are delivered with both care and experience, being performed by our medically trained team of doctors and registered nurses.

Happy Face Treatment
With the latest combination of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injection technique used, this individualised lower-face rejuvenation method targets the appearance of deep marionette lines which generally develop around the mouth as ageing occurs. Lines are filled and softened simultaneously, leaving a more youthful and invigorated appearance.
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