Hair Regrowth Treatment + Scalp Laser

Promotes dilation of the blood vessels around the hair follicle favouring the arrival of nutrients to the hair roots and better anchoring. It also contributes to normalize the hair growth cycles by inhibiting the formation of DHT. Strengthens the hair and promotes the growth of new hair

Minimum sessions: 8

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Scalp Therapy

The growth of new hair via the PRP Scalp Therapy is most popular in activating natural hair growth, increasing hair count and thickening the hair shaft as blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles is strengthened.

Specifically, PRP injections have the ability to stimulate epidermal thickness, boost the number of new hair follicles, encourage vascular activity in the targeted treatment area and increase the cells which produce keratin, known as keratinocytes.

A course of three to six treatments may be recommended by our registered doctors. For the next three months, injections are generally performed once a month after the initial session. This will then be scaled down to once per three to six months. Once desired results are achieved, follow-up treatments on a long-term basis are encouraged to maintain optimum hair thickness and follicle health.

Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment

Alopecia Areata causes a unique form of hair loss—a patterned baldness—different to the more common age-related male and female pattern hair loss. For women, thinning of hair usually develop on the crown of the head whereas for men, hair recession can be more easily identified around the temples, where thinning occurs prior to the development of bald spots.

Our medically-graded Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment is an optionable form of non-surgical hair regrowth. In essence, the injection is comprised of the cytokines collected from your blood sample alongside the combination of natural growth factors and proteins. Depending on the severity of hair loss, treatment for the targeted areas may take approximately ten sessions.

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